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Nesvax Innovation Limited is a Testing and Measurement Solutions Company that Sales,offers

Technical Support and Training on a broad range on Research,Teaching and Testing equipment.



Established in 2007,Nesvax sets the pace in providing integrated laboratory solutions to

Research,Teaching,Contract,Exploratory and Quality Control and Assurance Laboratories.






To be one stop shop for all research, teaching and testing Products and Services in East and Central Africa.



To enable end-users of Research, Teaching and Testing Laboratories build capacity and utilize their equipment optimally.



What we do

Through its partnerships, distributorship and broad product offering Nesvax supports the below key industrial,research and teaching applications though;


a)  Marketing and Sales of research and teaching laboratory equipment.

The core business of Nesvax is to identify customer needs, liaise with all our eight partners to provide an an integrated solution.

The main areas of focus are Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Life Sciences, petroleum and gas, laboratory gas solutions,reference standards, sample preparation and validation services.











b)  Preventive and curative Maintenance, Qualification and Calibration.

Nesvax has four qualified Engineers that perform our installations, routine Preventive Maintenance, repairs,Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification(OQ), Performance Validation(PV).

The Engineers have factory training done at our partners’ sites in USA, Germany, Republic of South Africa and United Kingdom (UK).















c)  Training and capacity building

Nesvax organizes end-user training on-site or in partner laboratories.
This can be done in Kenya or in South Africa or United kingdom based on the need.

For those who need advanced training, Factory training for end users can be organised in Netherlands,USA, Australia, Singapore, German and UK. The training is organized in partnership with Agilent, PAC and Oxford

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Internship Program

2017 internship closes on October 2016


None at the moment but CVs for qualified candidates are being received till October 2016.

a) Field Service Engineering;
b) Technical Sales Executives.
c) Accounting
d) Logistics

nesvax CSR

Suitable Projects being identified for evaluation and support. Proposals are welcome till October 2016.

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