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Through its partnerships, distributorship and broad product offering Nesvax supports the below key industrial,research and teaching applications through;



 Chromatography Solutions


Nesvax Innovations provides chromatographic instruments in varying levels of performance for use in different industries such as food and environment, forensics, pharmaceutical and petroleum. These instruments include Liquid chromatography and Gas chromatography instruments (HPLC and GC) which can also be coupled to a Mass Spectrometer (LC/MS and GC/MS) for higher sensitivity. All instruments come customised to the clients’ specifications. We also provide technical support in this area through our factory-trained engineers.








Life Sciences


Nesvax has partnered with Agilent Technologies to offer specialized instruments and equipment for Life Sciences research. These include the SurePrint microarray platform for genomic applications such as microRNA, aCGH and methylation analysis. LC/MS can be used to isolate proteins for proteomics research while both LC/MS and GC/MS can be applied in the field of metabolomics for the qualification and quantification of metabolites.
Agilent offers a wide range of instruments for pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical analysis and research while, for bioinformatics, the GeneSpring range provides support in metabolomics, proteomics, gene expression and genotyping.








nesvax innovations limited Kenya


Nesvax supplies a broad range of spectroscopy solutions which are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food and environment industries. Through our partner Agilent Technologies we are able to provide both atomic and molecular spectroscopy. Atomic spectroscopy converses instruments such as Atomic Absorption (AA), ICP-MS and ICP-OES while Molecular spectroscopy includes UV/Vis and FTIR instruments which are highly essential in the pharma industry.
We also offer Raman spectroscopy solutions in partnership with Stellarnet Inc. in the form of Raman spectrometers. We provide technical support in this area through our factory-trained engineers.






 Preventive Maintenance,Remedial Repairs and Qualification

Nesvax has qualified engineers who perform installations, Preventive Maintenance (PM) services and repairs of instruments and their software programs. They also carry out training sessions for our clients who are not familiar with the instruments.
In addition they also carry out Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ), and Performance Validation (PV) tests which ensures that the instruments give accurate results and functions up to standard. The engineers have received factory training from our various partners’ sites in USA, Germany, South Africa and United Kingdom (UK).








Solvents,Reagents and Certified Reference Materials/Standards


Sourcing for good quality solvents, reagents and CRM/S remains a major challenge in Kenya. In response to this growing need, we have partnered with several reputable companies in Europe and the USA to make these products available to our customers which enables them to seamlessly run their laboratories.
We provide solvents from Honeywell and Burdick and CRMs and standards from LGC-Germany.






nesvax innovations limted peak gas generators

Laboratory Gas generators


Supply of high purity gas is a challenge for laboratories in Africa. This is due to the exorbitant costs, erratic supply and mainly purity concerns.
We provide high quality hydrogen, nitrogen, zero air and air compressors from Peak Scientific Ltd designed mainly for use on chromatography instruments. Gas generators ensure a low cost of ownership, a constant quality gas supply and removes the need for a bulky cylinder due to its compact size.








Sample Preparation


There are numerous new innovations in sample preparation which aim to achieve a quick and efficient process geared at minimizing use of chemicals and exposure to the end user thus making it cost effective.
This includes the popular Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and QuEChERS from Agilent Technologies which effectively extract the required analytes from the matrix for both multi residue and specific analyte analysis. The Enhanced Matrix Removal technique is suitable for high fat matrices and can extract analytes from both animal and plant fat.
We have partnered with Milestone Inc. to provide microwave digesters which digest even the toughest samples to give a soluble digestate that can be easily analysed. They are an essential part of the sample prep process for Elemental Analysis techniques including AA, ICP-MS and XRF and can handle samples from mines, pharmaceutical products, food and much more. We also supply rotary evaporators from Labtech which combine distillation and evaporation into one step to enable a quick, efficient evaporation of solvent from your sample.








Nesvax organizes end-user training on-site or in partner laboratories.This can be done in Kenya or in South Africa or United kingdom based on the need.


For those who need advanced training, Factory training for end users can be organized in Netherlands,USA, Australia,Singapore, German and UK.The training is organized in partnership with Agilent, PAC and Oxford




agilent technologies

Agilent Technologies Separation Sciences Solutions


1.Food Safety:Sample Preparation,Chromatography and Spectroscopy; SPEs,QUECHERS,GC, GC/MS, LCMS/MS, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, UV-VIS, MPAES etc

2. Forensics and Toxicology;GCMS,GCMS/MS,LCMS/MS,q-PCR, Bioanalyzer etc

3.Environment;Sample preparation,Chromatography and Spectroscopy; SPEs,QUECHERS,GC,GC/MS,LCMS/MS,ICP-MS,ICP-OES,UV-VIS,MPAES etc

4.Lab informatics

5.Hydrocarbon Processing and Petroleum;GC,ICP-MS,ICP-OES,MPAES etc.

6.Biopharmaceutical; HPLC,LCMS,ICP-MS

7.Pharmaceuticals. HPLC,LCMS,ICP-MS,FTIR,UV-VIS Spectrometer,

8.Laboratory Automation.

9.Metabolomics and Proteomics; QTOF LCMS,LCMS/MS etc

10.Life Science informatics.


Oxford Industrial Elemental Analysis Solutions


The partnership with Oxford Industrial Instruments, Nesvax can offer a broad portfolio of non destructive elemental analysis solutions for many applications.


1.Petrochemicals, Polymers, Plastics and Rubber: Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF, etc

2.Cement and Limestone; Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF, etc

3.Minerals and Mining; Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF, etc

4.Metals-Production, Scrap, Fabrication and Casting; Hand Held  XRF, Bench Top XRF, optical Emission Spectrometer  etc

5.Precious Metals and Jewellery; Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF, etc

6. Aerospace and Defence; Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF, optical Emission Spectrometer etc

7.Steel Industry; Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF, optical Emission Spectrometer etc

8.Wood and Composites; Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF, etc

9.Power Generation and Energy; Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF, optical Emission Spectrometer etc

10.Industrial Environment and Physical Environment; Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF,etc

11.RoHS Compliance Testing Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF, etc

12.Ink, Paint and Coatings; Hand Held XRF, Bench Top XRF, etc






PAC Petroleum and Gas Solutions


1.High-Performance Elemental Analysis Solutions; Multitek etc

2.Physical Properties in Fuels and Lubricants; Optidist, Flash point, Cloud and Pour Point, Freezing Point, Viscometer, Cold Filter Plugging etc.

3.Accurate Fuel Composition Analysis; Optidist, Microdist etc

i. Jet Fuel Analysis; JFTOT-IV, PC-Opti reader.
ii. Gasoline Analysis i.e. AC Reformulizer Mark 3, AC Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyser (ADH).
iii. Diesel Fuel & Blending Streams Analysis i.e. Herzog Cetane ID 510.

4. Chromatography
Turnkey GC and HPLC applications based Agilent Platform for Petroleum applications. i.e. Reformulizer, SIMDIS, DHA and Ga Analysers.

Peak scientific solutions at nesvax Innovations limited

 PEAK Scientific Laboratory Gas Generators Solutions


Peak Scientific offers high quality laboratory generators for both Chromatography and Spectroscopy applications.

These include genius and infinity series for LCMS and LCMS/MS, Trace series for GC etc. The generators are multivendor and can work with all brands of GCs and LCMS/MS System.







Milestone And Labtech Microwave Digestion and Sample Preparation Solutions


Milestone and Labtech offers microwave digester and sample preparation solutions i.e. The product offering under Milestone are; Ethos one, Ethos A, Ultrawave, DMA 80, DMA 1, FMA-80, Microsynth, Synthwave, Pyro and Duopur.

Labtech offers broad and innovative products for sample preparation organic and inorganic chemistry Applications i.e. water chillers, digiblocks, rotary evaporators etc







ADVANTAGE LAB SOLUTIONS at nesvax innovations limited

Advantage Lab Solutions


Through Advantage Lab, we can offer drying ovens, incubators, automatic and semiautomatic autoclaves heating circulators / thermostatic water baths refrigerated / heating circulators ultrasonic heating water baths, water baths, orbital shakers, back-and-forth shaker, universal centrifuges, freezers & refrigerators, blood cell counter.








V-Kits Validation Solutions

V-kits offers equipment calibration software, standards and licenses for HPLC. GC, Dissolution apparatus etc.






Biotecon Diagnostics Solutions

Biotecon offers PCR based kits for rapid detection and sample preparation. These includes kits for detection of microorganisms, animals, genetically modified plants, allergens and viruses.


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